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Pay what you want and support charity with "Become a Ninja with Angular", our latest DRM-free ebook about Angular (now in final version!). Its "Pro Pack version" will save you hours on your projects by building step by step a complete and tested application.

Our trainings

There is nothing we love more than sharing our knowledge. So please consider these trainings made with crafted love. They are about tools that are leading today, in our opinion. We provide them in Lyon, France, and around.

Ninja Squad is a training agency registered under French number 82 42 02523 42.

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Slashed price for Heroes!

All of our trainings are subject to the slashed price for Heroes.
Ask for a -30% price cut if you are:
  • volunteering on tech community events,
  • committer on open source projects,
  • freelance without training program from an employer,
  • or unemployed.

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We have to admit it: Git has become an essential tool in the open source ecosystem. How many projects are now only on Github? Why do the communities only swear now by this tool, instead of the well known Subversion and CVS? Simply because Git is much more powerful and quickly become essential when we give it a try. Come with us to know why!

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Java 8 is just out. If Java 7 wasn't a revolution, this new version 8 updates essential APIs used every day: date and time. management, and collections predominatingly. It also introduces a new programmation paradigm to Java: functional programming, with lambdas or closures. Let's learn and try to use these new APIs!

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The second version of the excellent Google framework is now available. Using the numerous novelties in Web development (ES6, TypeScript, Web Components...), Angular is THE framework to write modern web applications, for the browser and the mobile. Based on our ebook, the training will quickly leave the basics examples to build a full blown application, with tools, tests, API communication, etc... Come and discover all the power of Angular, and be ready to write robust and performant applications!

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Do you use Angular, but need to go further? Your application is getting bigger and bigger, and you're facing new challenges? You write tests only for simple use-cases?
This training will help you become an expert in Angular, leaving no grey area on its internal behavior and its best usages in largest and more advanced applications. It presumes you have already a true knowledge of Angular fundamentals.

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