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Become a ninja with Git!

We have to admit it: Git has become an essential tool in the open source ecosystem. How many projects are now only on Github? Why do the communities only swear now by this tool, instead of the well known Subversion and CVS? Simply because Git is much more powerful and quickly become essential when we give it a try. Come with us to know why!

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2 days - 1,000

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4.7 / 5 57

Slashed price for Heroes!

All of our trainings are subject to the slashed price for Heroes.
Ask for a -30% price cut if you are: volunteering on tech community events, committer on open source projects, freelance without training program from an employer, or unemployed.

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All our trainings are available and customisable to suit your entreprise's needs. Contact us to have a special price and program.
We live around Lyon, France, but we may travel to give them.
Ninja Squad is a training agency registered under French number 82 42 02523 42.


  • Understanding the Distributed Version Control System philosophy.
  • Understanding Git's concepts.
  • Mastering the command line.
  • Knowing the various workflows usable in enterprise.


This training is for the developers of all languages who want to discover how to use Git and Github in a professional environment.




The training can be followed in person or remotely, during public sessions that we organize regularly, or during a session dedicated to your team. You can register for a session up until the starting date, in the limit of available seats (usually 6 or 7). We may have to re-schedule a session if we don't have at least 3 persons registered, up until 2 weeks before the starting date. Do not hesitate to contact us to define your needs, and check if the training is the right one for you.


We evaluate the exercises and quizzes which allows to follow each trainee individually, while they work collaboratively on a text via Git.


Each trainee must have his/her own computer to be able to do the exercises (the OS can be whatever you prefer), and an Internet connection. For an in-house training, the trainer will also need a video-projector, an Internet connection, and a paperboard.


Day 1

  • A bit of history
  • The basics
  • Getting ready
Working locally
  • Initialize a repository
  • Add/Remove
  • Commit
  • Log
Escape from every problem
  • Reset and its modes
  • Reflog magic
Local workflow
  • What's a branch?
  • Merge and rebase
  • Tag and stash
  • Compare branches
Working with people
  • Clone
  • Deal with remotes
  • Pull and push
  • Advanced use of checkout

Day 2

Workflow with people
  • Open source mode
  • Entreprise mode
  • Maintenance
  • Real use case
  • The essential platform
  • Repository and fork
  • Pull request
  • Issue tracker
The tools around Git
  • GitWeb
  • Gitlab
  • TortoiseGit/SmartGit
Setting up your project
  • Submodule
  • Subtree
Advanced concepts
  • Locate a bug
  • Stash changes
  • Rewrite historic
  • Cherry picking


Based on the 57 attendees that left us a review (on 2024/03/29, since 2018/03/14)


4.7 / 5


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4.7 / 5


4.7 / 5

Some testimonials

De mon point de vue, cette formation est un pré-requis avant d'utiliser Git. Je me sens maintenant à l'aise pour utiliser Git sur nos projets.

Hervé Chevallier, VINCI Energies.

I had been using git for some time before this training, therefore, I may not have learned any new command. But what I have learned is more important: I learned what those commands really do. Thanks to this training, git has lost its status of black magic for me.

Loïc Joly, SonarSource.

La formation permet de comprendre comment le fonctionnement interne pour mieux appréhender son utilisation quotidienne. Je me sens maintenant capable de maîtriser GIT et de ne plus être perdu à chaque commande. Le déroulement du cours permet de comprendre les bonnes pratiques pour profiter au mieux de l'outil.
Excellente formation.

Kevin PHILIBERT, Tech Soft 3D.

Formation très intéressante même en utilisant git depuis longtemps. En tant qu'utilisateur peu éclairé, beaucoup de choses prennent du sens et je suis certain de me servir de git de façon très différente à partir de maintenant!

Fabien Grenier, RTONE.

L'animation était fluide et bien rythmée. L'approche du sujet correspondait à mes attentes : très technique et avec de nombreux TPs. Je ressors avec le sentiment de maîtriser cet outil!

Julien Homo, ANTIDOT.

Bonnes explications, les exercices ont le bon niveau de complexité et aident bien à la compréhension. Le formateur maîtrise bien son sujet.

Timothy Stubbs, LUCCA.

J'avais fait un peu de Git pour des projets personnels, et j'avais donc quelques base, mais pas vraiment solides. Du coup ça m'a permis de repartir du bon pied, et de comprendre le fonctionnement général, et ça change tout ! J'ai vraiment l'impression de pouvoir commencer à faire des choses intéressantes avec cet outil, ce qui n'était pas le cas avant. Par ailleurs, la pédagogie du formateur était parfaite, et l'alternance des présentations et des TP parfaitement maitrisée. Très bonne raison de revenir de vacances pour 2 jours !

Antoine Berry, Sophiacom

Formation construite intelligemment avec des supports illustrant très bien les différents concepts. L'alternance de présentations et d'exercices permet de bien rythmer la formation surtout que ces derniers sont d'une difficulté croissante mais toujours adaptée.
Les retours d'expérience du formateur avec une adaptation à notre contexte sont un vrai plus.

Vincent Quinquenel, NAELAN.

Très bonne formation qui touche tous les publics de débutant à expert. Les nombreux TPs permettent de mettre rapidement en action les notions théoriques. C'est parfait pour ce genre de sujet!
Bravo pour la qualité des supports et le dynamisme!

Hughes de Flaugergues, ANTIDOT.

Excellente formation, excellent formateur!

Stephane Mallet, TALEND.


Cédric Exbrayat will be the trainer for this session. He has been using Git for the past 10 years and co-wrote the ebook "Become a Ninja with Git" that you will receive. He contributes to various open-source projects, the most notable being Vue and Angular, on which he is part of the top contributors world-wide. Our trainers are passionate and experts in their fields. With dozens of trainings each year, and that for the past 10 years, our trainers have become masters in the art to teach a technology to a team.


This training costs 1000€HT per trainee for a public session. These sessions happen every 2 or 3 months. We can also plan a dedicated session for your team if you need to: send us an email in that case for a personalized quote.

Remote teaching

For a remote training, the trainer will be in a virtual face-to-face 100% of the time to teach a new concept or help the trainees during the exercises. We use Google Meet to have a private classroom. Each training relies on an ebook written by Ninja Squad. To follow the progress of the trainees while they do the exercises, we use Visual Studio Code and its Live Share feature.


People with disabilities should contact us directly so we can figure out the best conditions for them.

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Ninja Squad is a training agency registered under French number 82 42 02523 42.

We are also certified by Qualiopi for the quality of our trainings.

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