Ninja Squad books about Angular

Pay what you want and support charity with "Become a Ninja with Angular", our latest DRM-free ebook about Angular (now in final version!). Its "Pro Pack version" will save you hours on your projects by building step by step a complete and tested application.


Codeurs du Monde

Our ninjas Agnès Crépet and Cyril Lacôte were invited for the opening keynote of Codeurs en Seine 2016. They talked about their World Tour, what impacted developers there, and how it influenced their professional destiny.

Le Bon et le Mauvais Testeur

Our ninja Agnès Crépet and her friend Guillaume Ehret do some role play and live coding to present testing bad practices, and how it could be improved, using different methods and tools.

Ninjackaton : Java 8 & lambdas

A festive and educational event : we invited some volunteers to be introduced to Java 8, with a focus on its lambda expressions.

WebServices 101

An introduction to WebServices, that Cédric Exbrayat gave at INSA de Lyon (french engineering school).

Our projects


DbSetup An OSS Java API to populate your database for your unit tests.

Without XML. Without dependencies. And blazingly fast.

Using a DB in your application? And have some unit tests for your queries?
Alright, you are the 99%.
And we have something to help you.

DbSetup is a free, open-source Java API that helps you setup your database data to execute DAO/Repository unit tests. Much simpler than DbUnit, it focuses on a single task: populate the database with test data.


Book Devenez un ninja avec AngularJS ! (in French)

Discover or master this powerful but demanding framework.

AngularJS is the trending JavaScript framework. You can build dynamic web pages really fast, if you take the time to master it.

Ninja Squad provides this ebook, made from love and hard work. Not too many money to spend right now? It's at open pricing! But you can also decide to add some money and help charity (Humble Bundle style)...


Quizzie Quiz me if you can!

Play and create public or private quizzes, to share and improve your knowledge for fun.

At Ninja Squad, we have some StackOverflow addicts, spending hours answering technical questions. And we love to learn new stuff.

So, when we ashed ourselves how to contribute to Humanity with a mainstream AngularJS web application (to learn with a real life use-case), we made Quizzie.