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Pay what you want and support charity with "Become a Ninja with Angular", our latest DRM-free ebook about Angular (now in final version!). Its "Pro Pack version" will save you hours on your projects by building step by step a complete and tested application.

Mastering Java

This training will show you the most advanced subtleties of the Java language and will transform you in a ninja, ready to face any situation. You will go to the darkest corners of the JDK, of the JVM and the language, unknowns from many but truly essentials to raise your level. Ready?

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3 days - 1,500

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Slashed price for Heroes!

All of our trainings are subject to the slashed price for Heroes.
Ask for a -30% price cut if you are: volunteering on tech community events, committer on open source projects, freelance without training program from an employer, or unemployed.

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All our trainings are available and customisable to suit your entreprise's needs. Contact us to have a special price and program.
We live around Lyon, France, but we may travel to give them.
Ninja Squad is a training agency registered under French number 82 42 02523 42.


  • Discovering the essentials libraries
  • Mastering concurrent programming
  • Knowing the best practices to be ready to go in production
  • Catching the subtleties of generics, annotations, exceptions...
  • Understanding classloaders and IOs.


This training is for the Java developers who want to better know the corners of this wonderful language.


Knowledge of the Java language (the notions in the Beginning in Java training should be familiar).


Day 1

  • Basics
  • Generics and Inheritance
  • Interfaces (Set, List, etc.)
  • Best practices and efficiency
  • Multi-threading issues
  • Synchronization
  • Thread-safety
  • ThreadLocal
  • High-level abstractions

Day 2

  • Classloaders hierarchy
  • Resources loading
  • Usage in JEE servers
  • Understanding annotations
  • Creating an annotation
Dynamic proxies and introspection
  • java.lang.reflect
  • Dynamic proxies
  • Advantages and common usages

Day 3

Essential libraries
  • JodaTime
  • Apache Commons
  • Guava
  • JUnit
  • Mockito
Best practices
  • Logging
  • Tests
  • JMX

Some testimonials

Animateur hyper compétent, qui sait s'adapter à son public, prend le temps de répondre aux questions, tout en découvrant les spécificités de NetBeans et Mac OS.

Véronique Deslandres, IUT Lyon 1.

Cette formation m'a été très profitable.

Pierre-Antoine Champin, IUT Lyon 1.