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Capitalizing on Java 8

Java 8 is just out. If Java 7 wasn't a revolution, this new version 8 updates essential APIs used every day: date and time. management, and collections predominatingly. It also introduces a new programmation paradigm to Java: functional programming, with lambdas or closures. Let's learn and try to use these new APIs!

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1 days - 500

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Slashed price for Heroes!

All of our trainings are subject to the slashed price for Heroes.
Ask for a -30% price cut if you are: volunteering on tech community events, committer on open source projects, freelance without training program from an employer, or unemployed.

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All our trainings are available and customisable to suit your entreprise's needs. Contact us to have a special price and program.
We live around Lyon, France, but we may travel to give them.
Ninja Squad is a training agency registered under French number 82 42 02523 42.


  • Check every new APIs of Java 8
  • Discover lambda syntax
  • Discover novelty in Collection framework
  • Use streams and lambdas to manipulate collections
  • Understand new Time API


This training is aimed to inquiring developers, wanting to use today fresh improvements.


Java knowledge


Java 8 novelties
  • Permgen space disappearance
  • Nashorn: JavaScript for Java
  • Time API
  • Annotations: what's new?
  • Lambdas
Lambdas in details
  • Interfaces new potentials
  • Lambdas syntax
  • Collection framework : what's new?
  • Streams and functional interfaces
  • Streams and parallel processing
Time API in details
  • Previous API flaws
  • Instants, durations and local dates: what to choose in what context?
  • Date parsing and formatting

Some testimonials

Je suis totalement satisfait de cette formation sur Java 8, l'objectif est rempli !
Jean-Baptiste est un très bon animateur qui connait son sujet. Les TDs sont motivants, on apprécie la barre verte des tests unitaires à la fin des exercices. J'ai trouvé que la partie sur la parallélisation de stream mériterait d'être raccourcie au profit des dates. Merci pour cette formation utile à nos projets, les lambdas n'ont (presque ;)) plus de secrets pour moi. Je la conseille vivement !

Jérémie Viteau, Aiga.

Les + :

  • Formation qui fait la part belle à la pratique.
  • Lieu pratique et convivial.
  • Formateur pédagogue maîtrisant son sujet qui plus est sympathique.
  • Le nombre de participants idéal

Les - :

  • Pas de figurine de ninja à poser sur son bureau au retour.
Eric Prévot, Aiga.